Dentist fear

If you are afraid of the dentist, you probably have trouble letting go of control. We give you the maximum possible control of your treatment by informing you of everything we do; also, we listen to you and value your input. Step by step we can control your fear together. Personal attention is the key.


Catch them young, as they say. Taking place in the dentist’s chair at an early age makes one more likely to care for one’s teeth at a later age. Your child(ren) will get to know the chair, the materials and the staff in a playful manner. This is most effective if no real treatment is needed yet. However, should treatment be necessary, we will spend much time with your child explaining every step of the treatment. The most important thing is that your child is at ease.

Half-yearly check-ups

A regular periodical check-up makes it possible to recognise any problems in an early stage and to take appropriate action. It is always better to prevent than to cure, so we would like to welcome you every six months for a check-up.

Dental hygienist

Brushing alone is not sufficient for most people. And even if you floss and use interdental brushes, over time, deposits and plaque will build up. The dental hygienist cleans these, preventing problems with your gums and teeth. Our advice is to have a treatment every year, half year or quarter, depending on you dental status.

Root canal / nerve treatment

This is what is called an endodontic treatment. It is called for when a nerve of your tooth or molar is infected or irritated. Tooth decay, ‘leaking’ fillings and an accident can be causes of this symptom. The treatment consists of cleaning the infected root canals and rinsing with disinfectant to remove the inflammation.

Restorative treatment

Restoration is possible for fillings and crowns. Fillings can be partially lost, for instance with tooth decay. A new filling restores your tooth or molar and prevents further damage. Crowns are a good alternative for large fillings. They can restore the function of the tooth/molar without chance of breakage.