How much do the treatments cost?

Generally, it is good to know that dentistry for children up to 18 years of age are covered by the mandatory basic health insurance, without effect on excess. Orthodontia, crowns and bridges are excluded. Check-ups, fillings, brushing instructions etcetera are all covered.

Furthermore it is important that you know the financial impact before any treatment. We will never surprise you with a large invoice. With larger dental procedures (over € 150) you will receive a quotation beforehand.

What does dental insurance cover?

Like stated, children under 18 are covered almost completely. For adults, almost all treatments fall under additional insurance. There is a difference in coverage; some insurance companies insure all treatments up to a certain amount, others offer a maximum cover per treatment. It is up to you to deliberate additional insurance yearly. From an independence point of view we cannot advise you on this, but we do urge you to look into the possibilities and do some calculations, in order to make a good choice. A good starting point is this website. (In Dutch.)

Can you tell me beforehand what a treatment will cost?

Yes. This is our rate list, also available in our waiting area. The rates are established nationally by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa), charging a standard rate per action.

Do I have to pay immediately after my treatment?

If you do not have additional insurance, then yes, you have to pay directly upon finishing your treatment, at the desk in our practice (in cash or via pin). If you do have additional insurance, you will be sent an invoice by Fa-med.

What is Fa-med?

We are specialised in dental care, not in administrative tasks; we would rather spend our times treating you well. That is why we contracted out our invoicing process to Fa-med.

You have 30 days to pay the invoice. You are responsible for paying the complete amount to the bank number on the invoice within this period. Should you wait more than 30 days, you will receive a payment reminder, giving you the opportunity to pay the amount within 10 days. If the amount has not been paid by then, this is default. From that moment the extra costs are 15% of the invoice amount, minimally € 40,-, plus legal consumer interest. All legal and non-legal fees to do with collecting the amount due are for the person in default. 

Contacting Fa-med

website: www.notavanfamed.nl
e-mail: contactcenter@famed.nl

General questions: 0900 - 0885 (€ 0,15 per minute)

Request invoice copy: 0900 - 0882 (€ 1,30 per call)
To be reached working days 08:00 - 18:00 hours.