House Rules

In practice

It is our goal to create an optimal and calm atmosphere for everyone who visits our practice. For that reason, we live by several house rules. Please be so kind to read and respect them.



  • You can make and/or cancel your appointments via telephone or at our service desk.
  • Please be on time for your appointment. If you are late, there is a chance that we cannot complete or even start the treatment due to lack of time.
  • We strive for no waiting time. However, sometimes a treatment can take longer than expected or there could be an emergency. We understand that this is a nuisance, but you cannot reclaim the lost time with us. You can inform about expected waiting time at the service desk.
  • We offer a reminder service to remind you of your appointment by phone or text. If technical problems occur and you do not receive a reminder, your appointment is still scheduled. No reminder does not mean that the appointment is cancelled!


If you cannot make an appointment, please call us at least 24 hours in advance to cancel. Should you forget an appointment – we are human, after all – this will have no consequences the first time. No-show without cancellation three times in a row will give us the right to unregister you as a patient. Should you not visit our practice for three years, we also reserve the right to unregister you.


If you have basic mandatory insurance, you have to pay at the end of your treatment in our practice (cash or pin). In the case of questions about your coverage, please contact your health care insurer. You can find more information here.